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Leading in Times of Change: What Breed of Leader Are You?

Follow the Leader … But to Where?

It all depends on where your business is headed. There are several types of leaders. One is Visionary Leaders who can create a new vision for your company and customers — and inspire everyone to follow their dream. Or, if your vision is already well focused, you’ll require a different type of leadership — Stabilizing Leaders. They’ll ensure consistency after completing a corporate transformation. However, those types of leaders aren’t necessarily the leaders you want to guide your company through transformational change.

Who are the Leaders that Thrive During Transition?

This is the hardest leader of all to find or develop. They instinctively know something has to change. More importantly, they possess the scarce ability to lead a transformation from what was to what will be. They are Change Agents every leading company, institution, organization, country, dynasty or empire must have if they expect to reach — or remain at — the top.

Unlike Visionary and Stabilizer leaders, Change Agents may not necessarily have a new vision. What they do have is a distinct path for achieving an existing vision. They look disaster in the eye. They know from deep within that they can make a difference. They lead companies through the turmoil of bittersweet change.

Most People aren’t Prepared for Change. Neither are Most Companies.

Change isn’t always planned. Sometimes, it’s thrust upon you. Either way, transformational change is not unlike the mythical phoenix that dies in the fire to be reborn anew from the ashes. The dying is scary and the rebirth is painful.

Regardless of whether your company is ready or not, Change Agents understand that leading isn’t about telling people what to do. It’s about showing them by demonstrating. It’s about killing off the chaos that contaminates corporations. It’s about triggering transformation.

It’s lonely at the top is a phrase often used to describe a leader of change. But, when all is said and done, this type of leader knows the decision is his or hers to make … and live with. Change Agents always step up and get it done. When was the last time you stepped up, took the lead and got it done? Please share some of your leadership transition tips in the comments section below.
Lead the Change Before the Change Leads You

Because you can.

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