A Leadership Tribute to Nelson Mandela

A Leadership Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela will be remembered for many things. He was a President, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, an Anti-Apartheid Revolutionary, a Freedom Fighter who spent 27 years in prison for protesting human rights abuses, a Hero and a Philanthropist who raised millions for humanitarian causes. Above all, he was a fearless leader who inspired, touched and influenced millions of people.


Few leaders have gone where Nelson Mandela dared to go. His beliefs and words not only transformed South Africa, they also had a powerful emotional connection with people the world over. On the subject of leadership he believed, “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” He was also an agent of change who took on the toughest of challenges simply because he accepted that, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

The rarest kind of leader is the kind that makes a difference by leading change, affecting people and creating growth — whether personally or professionally — in politics, in business or in life. Nelson Mandela not only made a difference, he was the difference.


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