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Passing the Torch at Ford Motor Company-01-01

I spoke to a group of Ford dealers in Florida today, several of whom expressed real anxiety about Alan Mulally’s retirement and Mark Fields’ promotion to CEO of the iconic automaker. They are afraid. I told them they shouldn’t be.

Leadership lessons from mom

Those of you who know my work know that I am passionate about helping leaders change minds and deal with change in their own organizations. Change is not easy.

The golden nugget of conversation-01

Initiating a tough conversation on a controversial topic is arguably a most difficult and draining responsibility. Most people, leaders and teammates alike, dread these discussions so they take the easy way out. They instead, as Rose Fass so graphically writes in her book, “hold a meaningless Chocolate Conversation.”

How to become irrelevant-01-01

Obviously, you don’t want to, but (surprisingly) you could be taking steps to make sure it happens. Many times over I’ve talked about being Addicted to Relevance. But have you ever thought of the steps you’re taking to become irrelevant? Andy Coville, author of the recently released book Relevance: The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition, speaks to the steps companies take to become just that, irrelevant. I thought it was an interesting twist on the topic and asked her to share some thoughts with us.

GM Puts a Woman in the Driver’s Seat

Boys love their cars. Going back as far as I can remember so many of them loved naming their cars, trucks and tractors after women. Heck, even Grandpa fondly called his ride Old Betty, Betsy, Bess or Bertha. Stephen King named

First Quarter results are in - What Happend-01

Over the past several years I have witnessed first quarter results that are so poor that recovering from the plan misses can take . . .