There is No “One Size Fits All” Leadership Program

Leadership is usually taught by example. This is a mistake. Emulating other leaders never leads anywhere. Your lower tier managers can’t be expected to lead in the same way as your leaders responsible for several teams or functions. That also goes for leaders of multiple business lines all the way up to leaders of your entire company.

fassforward develops distinct leadership strategies tailored to various levels of leaders-from entry to C-Level. Every strategy will also align culture, behavior and best practices to your business. Most importantly, your leaders will be armed with an effective plan for getting the most out of people and driving the kind of change that will transform your business.

You don’t need different people. You need different leadership strategies, skills, techniques and tactics. Getting more from your people starts with getting the most out of your leaders. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

Leadership & Change Workshops, Seminars & Master Classes

Entry Level Leadership Program

Lift People from Managers to Leaders

It’s a common scenario: A star performer is thrust into a management position, but they are too raw to distinguish between leading people and managing performance. New managers should develop good behaviors early so that they don’t repeat a bad cycle, or manage as they have been managed, holding people to their own standards. Building relationships and delegating work is a difficult balancing act; people need different amounts of each, yet it’s the difference between winning over teams and managing performance versus losing control and micromanaging people to death.

RISE introduces entry level managers to skill-building exercises that make them effective people leaders and performance managers. Next come techniques for eliminating busy work and prioritizing efforts that move business forward. They’ll also discover how to build networks by “bridging” peer-to-peer relationships across other groups that make them more visible and valuable, and “brokering” more favorable outcomes with groups in and out of their control.

Your next generation of leaders is ready to RISE. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.